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13 Critical Commitments for Strategic Alliances
If you are considering a strategic alliance, it is essential that you make at least the following thirteen critically important commitments.  
1.Commit to having business legal counsel with experience in the area of the alliance to prepare the alliance document that helps you achieve your business objectives and which reflects your business decisions.
2.Commit to having clear purposes, objectives and metrics for the alliance, with Key Result Areas (“KRAs”) by functional department.
3.Commit to becoming conversant with at least the basic language, history, culture, customs, and holidays in the country where the strategic alliance is located.
4.Commit to having the strategic alliance managed well using a governance structure that makes it clear how decisions will be made and by whom.
5.Commit to clearly understanding how the alliance will be financed, how losses and profits will be determined and allocated, and how future financial contributions will be addressed.
6.Commit to articulating what you will consider success or failure (so you know when to hold and when to fold) and within stated time frames.
7.Commit to managing risk by monitoring compliance with applicable regulatory, legal, and other requirements.
8.Commit to considering a code of conduct that is enforced so that everyone understands and is held accountable to the business values of the alliance. 
9.Commit to being actively engaged in the operations of the alliance, to having regularly scheduled, face to face, on site operational reviews, and to having excellent internal controls including segregation of duties.
10.Commit to using alternative dispute resolution when the inevitable disagreements arise.
11.Commit to building and managing the alliance’s “relationship capital” through continuous communication and pro-active exchange of information before, during, and after the alliance.
12.Commit to having a clear, written, entrance strategy and strategic plan.
13.Commit to having a clear, written exit strategy; for everything there is a time and a season and nothing lasts forever.

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